WordPress Lesson



Want to create a website but have no idea? Sign up for my hands-on lesson where you will learn how to create a blog or website, develop its content and use it to market your business within 2hrs. This lessons is worth Get a course that’s valued at USD$3000* but you pay only $100.

The tool you will be learning will be the most used open source software WordPress for creating websites. (30% of the world websites are created using it)

It gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility in managing and operating your own site and allows you to add your own content and images and even sell your own digital products with zero knowledge of coding!

What will you be learning from Jacy The Hosting Guy:

* How to get the domain name you want for your website
* How to select a good hosting vendor
* How to install WordPress
* How to add pages to your site
* How to create a blog
* Creating your menu
* How to add functionality to your site with plugins

At the end of the workshop, you will have the option to bring back with you the working blog or website you’ve created in zip or have it published**.

Contact me to arrange a 2hr training lesson on how to create your own website at $100!

Only available in Singapore

*Based on syllabus charged by WordPress VIP.
** Requires purchase of hosting to do so.