SMEPortal web hosting needs improvement

Something is wrong SMEPortal web hosting.

Firstly, the price and the services given:

Maybe i’m undercharging people but my plus plan that matches this is at $20 and they don’t even provide SSL which by default now is a must for sites that need either users to log in or make payments.


Secondly what’s worst is that they only guarantee 99.5% uptime for your hosting compared to mine of 99.99%.

The difference is that your site has a chance of not being reachable by your clients 2,628 minutes a year compared to 52 minutes.

Which I’m proud to announce that so far my hosting has been up 100% of the time. Below is a snapshot of some of my clients uptime


Hopefully, you seen this page before signing up with them. Check out my plans here and get a better place for your business site, so that you can focus on your business and not have to worry about the website all the time.

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