Don’t be a hostage, free your images and videos today

So we’ve all heard of Photobucket and the outburst of resentment of their surprise move, and after posting about it on Facebook, I got a few requests for a guide of how to make use of your own hosting or find a hosting that has CDN to avoid having sleepless nights.

Here’s a 5min guide on storing the images on your site and using it for selling items on sites such as ebay.

1) Find a hosting with CDN as part of their plans to help ensure better content delivery.

2) Upload the images or videos to your site. I’m using WordPress as an example here, but it works the same for most sites.





3) After this, go into the media library, select your image




and you will see the URL on the right. Use that URL to embed it on sites such as ebay to sell your product.





For example ebay, click on add photos and select html from the bottom right selection and paste your url into the box on the left to embed it in your listing!

That’s all to it. Happy selling!

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