How to share Files on Your WordPress Site

Most of my clients asked me how they can share files on their WordPress blog and make it available for others to download as well. Besides setting up a member site, there’s an easier way.

In this article, I will show you how you can embed and allow users to view the PDFs, Microsoft Word Documents and other types of files in your WordPress blog by using a plugin called Google Doc Embedder. Go ahead and install it first and follow the steps below.

*It does not require you to have a Google Docs account. It simply uses the Google Docs viewer to display all of those files on your blog


Once you have this plugin installed, a new settings panel will be added under Settings » GDE Settings. At the same time, a google doc embedder will appear on your writing toolbar.

You can customize the size of the document displayed on your page and choose whom you want to show the download links.

The other settings can be left as default, but if you are attempting to upload a large file, you might have to change the maximum file size under Advanced.

Once you have done that. Lets come back to the media uploader, and upload a new file (your PDF file or Excel file that you want to display). Remember to copy the url link.





Then go to the post or page and click on the Google Doc Embedder and copy the Media File url like its shown in the image below:

At this point you have the option of overriding options that you set in the general settings such as width= or height= etc.

Once done just click on insert to embed the shortcode on your page or post and you are done. You now have a PDF attached in your WordPress post with a download link if you have that option selected.

The document below is an example of the plugin working. I hope both this article and the document below will greatly help you.







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