Do you know? – WordPress Content Options










WordPress recently introduced “Content Options” section inside the Customizer panel that gives you an easy way to make small visual modifications across your site without having to code!

All free WordPress themes that you find under Themes (Under Appearance -> Themes -> Add Themes) support it. If you are currently using a paid theme, check with your theme developer.

For now there are only three options:

  • Blog Display: choose between displaying the full content of each post or an excerpt on the blog and category, tag, and date archive pages. A “default” option is also available for themes that mix excerpts and full posts based on post format.
  • Author Bio: Hide the author bio on single posts.
  • Post Details: Show or hide the post date, tags, or categories

For more info, check out the video below.

Have a happy weekend!

Cheers, Jacy the Hosting Guy.

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