Becoming your own Boss and How I can help you


Hi there, you’re here because you’ve started a new business. It’s an exciting process and you have many things that motivates you and you’ve found out there are just as many that may slow you down.

While the desire alone to be your own boss helps push you to make your dreams a reality, it alone can’t bring you success. To succeed in your entrepreneurship goals, consider the list of best practices that you can implement in your own small business I’ve compiled:

1: Do What You Are Good At

As a entrepreneur, you have to maximize your time, so it’s best to do what you excel at in order to accomplish this. As part of this process, this also means outsourcing your own business needs whenever necessary, such as your web hosting, SEO and writing needs. By doing this, you can focus on what you do best and lean on others to help you where you don’t excel. With affordable resources available at Fiverr and personalised web hosting from Jacy the Hosting Guy, you can safely leave it to the pros in exchange for more time to do what you do best.

#2: Have a action plan

Becoming your own boss means you’re now free to decide what you need to do, often there are many things that distract you. Making an action plan helps by identifying the tasks that are needed to be done and the best way to get them done.

Distractions include checking social media or surfing SGAG or 9GAG in the middle of trying to get a task done, your goal should be to make sure you stay focus on your work efforts in order to be more efficient in your daily work.

#3: Listen to Feedback From Your Customers

Ask any business and they will tell you they depend on loyal customers. Literally they are our new pay masters now, so to help keep them engaged and interested in your product or service, be sure you’re listening to what your consumers have to say. Don’t focus only on  criticism, but also on positive feedback so you know both what you’re doing right and wrong. This allows you to keep on improving and beating your competition.

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