2 ways to get Free HTTPS for your website

HTTPS for your site nowadays is a must, especially when you are requesting for your visitor details or handling payments. So why pay more when you can get it free! Once you have it on your site, whenever your visitors reaches your site, their browsers should show a Green lock next to the website address.


Having SSL on your site brings many benefits as well, such as creating trust in your customers, increase your SEO (Google ranking signal since 2014) and enabling you to receive payment using your site.

The first method is more technical and your hosting provider must allow you to have SSH access or you can skip to the easier 2 step method below.  Both methods uses my hosting service as an example.

Both methods gets a certificate from Let’s Encrypt, which is sponsored by HP, Google (Chrome), EFF and other major names influencing the internet.

Method 1

Under ADVANCED option, you should find “SSH/Shell Access”.

SSH access

Logging into your hosting using the SSH/Shell Access and follow the steps below:


Since the script is only one file, you can use the command

curl --silent https://raw.githubusercontent.com/srvrco/getssl/master/getssl > getssl ; chmod 700 getssl

Getting started

Once you have obtained the script (see Installation above), the next step is to use

./getssl -c yourdomain.com

where yourdomain.com is the primary domain name that you want to create a certificate for. This will create the following folders and files.


You will need to edit both ~/.getssl/getssl.cfg and ~/.getssl/yourdomain.com/getssl.cfg to the values matching your domain and contact email address and set the server to get the certificate from to the production server with rate limits.

Then edit to have the values you want for this specific domain.

You can then just run;

getssl yourdomain.com

and it should run, providing output like;

Registering account
Verify each domain
Verifing yourdomain.com
Verified yourdomain.com
Verifing www.yourdomain.com
Verified www.yourdomain.com
Verification completed, obtaining certificate.
Certificate saved in /home/user/.getssl/yourdomain.com/yourdomain.com.crt
The intermediate CA cert is in /home/user/.getssl/yourdomain.com/chain.crt
copying domain certificate to ssh:server5:/home/yourdomain/ssl/domain.crt
copying private key to ssh:server5:/home/yourdomain/ssl/domain.key
copying CA certificate to ssh:server5:/home/yourdomain/ssl/chain.crt
reloading SSL services

If you require further help, you can check out a more detailed guide here.

Method 2

This method, again is using my hosting as an example. Instead of having to upgrade or pay at least $15 more to get a SSL certificate with other hosting providers, my basic plan already comes with it free.

As mentioned this is a 2 step process. Just click on Let’s Encrypt icon under Security in your Cpanel.

Free SSL

Choose the Domain and enter the email that you wish the alerts to be sent to and click on install to immediately get a usable SSL certificate for your HTTPS website!

how to install free ssl

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