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Getting hacked, hosting company crash and burns (literally having their data center burned) or even having the latest WordPress updates that crashes your site, the list of causing your site do go down continues forever. Get rid of the stress it comes with when your WordPress site is in trouble by having a backup copy and being able to restore it quickly by using UpdraftPlus.

This article will be talking about backing up your site with UpdraftPlus, which you can download here at WordPress repository . There are others out there but based on my own experience so far, I’m recommending them strictly because I’ve used them across different sites and have constantly found them to be extremely user friendly. 

Disclaimer: I’m not paid nor do I earn from recommending this plugin. The link is a direct link to WordPress plugin repository. 

Why you should have a back-up

Besides the reasons I’ve stated above, it’s also to help you in the event, you are changing some things and things go wrong, you can simply replace the files that you were editing.

You would also notice that most hosting companies do not provide free restore services or regular back-ups (Mine does it daily and provides the latest copy for restore).

Even that in the worst case is not enough if you only discover that your site was compromised more than a day ago. Having at least a copy of the initial site will help to get you quickly back up and running.

Note that you really should quickly get your developer on the case and set your own firewall, speaking of which I recommend using WordFence for WordPress, while your site is being reviewed by your developer.

You can read more about WordFence protection here.

Dummies guide to using UpdraftPlus

I love UpdraftPlus as they’ve made it really simple to use, it just takes 4 steps. Once you’ve installed the plugin you’ll be greeted with this screen below. As a normal user like me, you’ll only be using Current Status and Settings, you’ll not need to touch the other tabs unless you want to get their nice extensions or to change some of the settings.

Updraftplus dashboard

Step 1

First you need to click on Settings and decide how often do you want the site to be backed-up and the copies to keep.

Updraftplus Settings dashboard


Step 2

Decide where you want to send a copy to. I’ve chosen email, by default this will be sent to the email you have in your WordPress settings.

Step 3

If you scroll down from the selection of remote storage, you’ll see the selection below. Make sure to check all of them before scrolling all the way down and click on the Save Settings at the bottom of the page.

Updraftplus things to backup

Step 4

Now go back to current status and click on “Backup Now” to create your first back-up and it will run for a while (few seconds to a few minutes) depending on how large your site is. Once it’s done you can either download it from your server directly or just save the copy that was sent to your email.

How to restore

Doing restore is a walk in the park. In the unfortunate event that you require to restore files. Just go to Existing Backup tabs and click on restore. This is also the same place where you can delete older copies that you no longer require and also the place to upload the local copy you’ve saved on your own computer to be restored.

Updraftplus restore page

Once you’ve clicked on Restore, you’ll see this pop up asking you what you intend to restore. Just remember that restoring means it will revert back the site back to the day of backup.

updraftplus restore options

That’s more functions that you can make use of in UpdraftPlus. Do contact them to find out more if you intend to make use of them. I’m been using them solely for backup and restore purposes and have found them to be much better than the others.

Hope this helps to remove the stress in the event of having to restore your website!

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