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Instant article has been out for a few days for all publishers, here are some of the lessons I’ve learnt trying to use it.

My guide below will help you to get started provided your site has the required minimal article count. Currently this is set to 10 and may change.

If you have met the require number of articles, here’s how to get started. First you need to install this plugin for your WordPress. After installing, you’ll need to activate it and you’ll need to configure a few things in 3 steps.

1) Getting your App ID

You’ll need to fill in the App ID and App Secret before you can start submitting  and review

Instant article Step 1

2)Setting up Instant Articles

To avoid any headaches, you should check and ensure that under Apps -> settings, the website you are linking the articles are from is entered.

Instant article Step 2

3) Sign up for Instant Articles

The steps mentioned here are done under the settings in your Facebook Page that you instructed Instant article to published to. You’ll need to sign up an account to use Instant Articles. This is linked to your Facebook Profile.

After which remember to claim your URL and enter your RSS feed in order for Instant Articles to upload your articles to Facebook.


Instant article Step 3


Not really, from here you’ll have to wait for Facebook’s team to review and approve your articles to be shown as Instant articles. While waiting you can also start designing how your articles will look like.

Hope this helps. As usual, if you need more help, I’m always reachable at Jacy The Hosting Guy Facebook.

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