Colour Cheat – Give your website an app-like appearance

Have you noticed before that the colour of the address bar in your Chrome browser on Andriod matches the website your are visiting?



How can I do it?


Here’s on how to do it in two steps.

1. In your WordPress theme, click on Editor under the Appearance Menu on the left and look for the header.php.

2. Once you have that opened, enter this line <meta name=”theme-color” content=”#ff6600″ /> before the closing </head> tag.

Note that the #xxxxxx inside content=”” is the colour you want your address bar to show as.

How to find the colour of my site?

There are 2 ways to find out.

1) If you are using WordPress, it is likely that your theme does allows you to change the colour of your site. Find that under the customiser and copy the #xxxxxx to the content”” inside your header.php.

or if not

2) You can take a screenshot of your website and use the colour picker inside the Paint program that’s packaged in Windows or make use of ColorZilla, a Chrome extension.

Hope this helps!

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