3 tools for painless WordPress migration

Migrating your WordPress website is a major undertaking with many parts to consider, such as making sure your website does not suffer down-time, links working correctly when migrated and data such as images and content are not missing. Doing so manually takes technical expertise to make sure it is done correctly with no issues.

But thankfully, there are plenty of ways to automate this process and in this article I’ll introduce 3 of the best plugins that I’ve tried.

Benefits of using Plugins

Manually migrating a site requires you to backup the data (which the simplest part) and move them into the new host where you’ll need to ensure that content, images and databases along with your plugins are working correctly.

You might already be facing issues with your current web host as one of the reasons why you are moving to a new host, the last problem you need is migration problem with your site.

Plugins can simplify this process by providing easy to follow steps and help to ensure that your site data is intact which reduce the risk of errors and minimize downtime of your website.

1. Duplicator


Duplicator has the benefit of allowing you to migrate, copy or clone a site your WordPress as well as function as a simple backup utility. To move your site from one host to another just requires following this 6 steps from their site.

They also provide full documentation with video tutorials is provided on the developers’ website.

Do note that Duplicator does require some technical knowledge, but is still a great tool to move or backup WordPress sites, pull a production site onto a local machine for testing and validation, or push a local test site to a production server for launch.

Both free and pro version ($49) offers the back up and migration function, the pro version comes with several options that you might wish to consider, especially if you are using a multi-site network.

2. All-in-one WP Migration


All in One WP Migration is the simplest export and import migration plugin to use which requires just 3 steps after installing the plugin. Simply export and import and update your perm links will allow you to recreate your site on another site within minutes.

While the export screen contains options for replacing text such as your URL or deciding which data such as your media files and comments to be exported. All these can be left untouched and you simply need to click on export to create a copy of your site.

The import screen simply facilitates the upload of an export file which will be restored into the existing WordPress installation.

However the free version only allows you to export up to 512MB of data while the paid version (starting from $59) goes up to 5GB. This tool is great for websites that are not media heavy or to pull a production site onto a local machine for testing and validation, or push a local test site to a production server for launch.

One way of moving your site within the limits is to just exclude your media files and transfer those yourself to be within the 512MB limit.

3. WP Clone

WP Clone


WP Clone is the only plugin here that does not have a paid version. But this does not mean that it is the least useful or hardest to use.

How WP Clone works is by first installing it on both the old and new WordPress and creating a backup on the old WordPress site which will give you an URL that you enter into WP Clone on the new site before clicking on restore from URL.

By doing so, it can be considered the fastest way to migrate your website from one place to another.

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