Website Security – Avoid losing thousands on your site by reading this

As more and more businesses move on-line for engaging their customers, security has only started to be taken seriously. Some sites are still not protecting their sites enough such as this one that I reviewed recently.

The $ costs if your website are hacked

Based on the figures from WordFence, the average cost of a website to recover from a hack is $2,518! This does not take into account the potential loss of sales and other business activities, which depending on what you are doing may cost an astronomical value. 

Besides the cost of recovery, your website or branding SEO ranking will take a hit if it’s not fixed quickly in time and is flagged by Google. The figures below shows that 66% of the hacked sites that are found by Google suffer at least 25% drop in traffic.

Google SEO traffic impact on hacked website

Google SEO traffic impact on hacked website taken from WordFence


How long does recovery take?

On average, if the hosting company that you are with has daily backups, you should be able to recover quickly within a day or two, which is practised by my hosting. However if you are using a hosting company that do not, it takes an average of 7 days in order to do so.

The difference in time is due to the cleaning process and patching the site after the cleaning has been done. As compared to taking a day to restore a previous backup and patching it, 6 days difference would make a huge difference. 

However, once your site has recovered it does not mean traffic will magically be restored. Up to 45% of sites suffer a long-term penalty when their site goes down due to a hack.

Organic Traffic impact after recovery taken from WordFence


What can I do to protect my site?

This is a short 5 steps that you should do to reduce the chances of your site being hacked and to recover quickly if it does get hacked.

  • Patch your web site or the plugins whenever there are patches released. (For WordPress, this can be automated)
  • Choose a Web Host that patches their servers regularly.
  • Rename all default administrator and change the password of all accounts used on your site.
  • Install security plugins when setting up your site. I recommend WordFence (You can check out my list of recommended plugins for WordPress here)
  • Do not install unofficial software on your site.

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