WordPress Plugins everyone should have

From TechCrunch to TED, CNN, WordPress.com users span a broad range and about 30% of the world websites today are using WordPress and of course making use of the free or paid WordPress plugins.

People love WordPress for many reasons. It’s SEO friendly, flexible and there are thousands of themes and plugins to choose from.

From the thousands of plugins, today I’m shortlisting 5 WordPress tools that you should have when you have a WordPress site regardless of the type of purpose you are using it for.

  1. Yoast SEO – The best SEO tools I’ve seen so far and with 1+ million active installs to show its immense popularity. Reasons for its popularity is that it is really easy to use out of the box even for people who have no idea about SEO knowledgeFrom it’s Snippet editor to its Content Analysis functionality, it reminds you what needs to be done to increase the SEO score of your page or posts. This is summarised by the traffic light symbol that you see next to the publish button.
  2. Broken Link Checker Broken links and missing images are the bane of all websites. This plugin scans your posts, comments and other content in search of broken links upon installation and constantly monitor them.If any broken links or missing images are found, you are immediately notified by email or your dashboard in order to all you to quickly rectify it via the dashboard to prevent any negative impact it could have on site. What if you are not actively logging into your WordPress? It also has the options to stop search engines from following broken links.
  3. Akismet – The reason why the world is a better place now. It’s so good that it comes installed by default with every installation of WordPress. Just remember to activate it. How it works is that for every comment that is submitted to your site, it is checked against the Akismet Web service to see if it is spam.By default comments that are flagged as spam are put into the spam folder, allowing you to review in case it is a legitimate comment (happened to me a few times). The spam folder is cleared every two weeks giving you plenty of time to log in and check it out once in a while.You can choose to let it delete the worst and pervasive spam automatically so that you never have to deal with it.
  4. Wordfence The worst nightmare is to have your WordPress website hacked and no backups (all hosting should provide it which I do for my clients). For the protection part Wordfence is a WordPress plugin designed to protect your website from malware and hackers.After downloading and activating the plugin, it scans your site to see if it’s infected. If everything checks out, it secures your website and improves efficiency and speed through a variety of measures.If you do not have time to look through the settings, the default is enough for normal users.
  5. OptinMonster Grow your email list by converting visitors into subscribersThis is a great plugin is a good place to begin your journey to having an audience that you can stay in contact with.
    Their easy to use form builder (limited if you are a free user) allows you create beautiful forms to boost your conversion rate. Adding to this, you have the ability to create many types of forms, including:

    • Pop-ups.
    • Footer bars.
    • Floating headers.
    • Sidebar forms.
    • After post forms.
    • Welcome gates.
    • Scroll triggered boxes.

    The best thing I like about this plugin is that it is mobile friendly and responsive, ensuring that no matter where your users are seeing your site from, the forms will always show up nicely!

I hope this 5 plugins will help in making your WordPress site better! If you are starting out, check out my services for great WordPress hosting and even hands-on lesson where you get to create your own WordPress with me!

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