SSL Certificate – Do i need it?

What is SSL or TLS?

SSL/TLS is a method of encrypting data in order to protect it when it is being sent between your user and your website using a certificate that is issued to your website. It is required when you or your users are sending sensitive information such as credit card numbers and other personal information.

The Benefits of Having SSL

  1. Improve in minor ranking points: Google first announce it in 2014 that having SSL on your site will affect your SEO ranking a little and will consider increasing the significance of the impact on your SEO ranking in the future as they want to encourage all website owners to help secure the internet.
  2. Savvy internet users will noticed and you gain better trust.

At my hosting solution (, I firmly believe in security, that is why when people sign up for hosting with me, I automatically provide a free SSL certificate to help protect their site and boost their SEO ranking.

When must I have SSL on my website?

If you have any of these types of website, you must have SSL/TLS:

  • E-commerce Websites

If you sell products online and you take credit card payments directly from your website, then you should get an SSL certificate to ensure that your customer’s payment information won’t be visible to hackers. However if you are using payment gateways such as PayPal or Stripe, you don’t have to use SSL because customers are sent to their website for processing the payments instead of going through your website.

  • Websites with Login Forms / Membership Sites

Besides protecting your members’ passwords, when they are logging in using forms it is best practice to protect the password. With a range of affordable SSL certificates (free with me), there’s no reason for you not to consider having one. If you opt not to use an SSL, then you might want to consider using Facebook Connect or other 3rd-party login technologies so that users can still log in automatically to your website via another site.

How to tell if a site is SSL/TLS protected.

As you can see below, sites that has SSL/TLS enabled will have a green padlock and https:// shown on the address bar.


Want to get an SSL Certificate?

If you are thinking of using an SSL certificate to secure your website, then you’ve come to the right place. I understand your concern on ensuring that your users sensitive information are always protected. I provide free SSL/TLS certificate that is recognized by all browsers in the world when you sign up hosting with me. Below is a report done by Qualys to verify the level of the certificates provided through me.


Please reach me through for further details on how to get it! If you have an existing host, I provide free transfer as well.

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