Disney – Website Review

To be the best, we have to learn from the best and the worst, hence I’m starting a series of websites review to show the best, the bad and the worst of websites businesses have.

The criteria are based on the following:

  1. Structure and navigation
    • Good structure and navigation allows visitors to quickly find things and find what they expect when they click.
  2. Content
    • Good content should be engaging, relevant, and appropriate for the audience regardless of the medium used.
  3. Visual
    • Beyond just fancy designs, it should always be appropriate, and relevant for the audience.
  4. Interactivity
    • How the websites allows users to interact with it. Does buttons, tabs, sliders etc. give proper feedback to your users when being used?
  5. Security
    • Does the site have any suspicious codes or additional “gifts” for their visitors.

Based on the 5, I’ve done a simple check on Disney.sg.


Here’s the bad list:

  1. Duplicate menus on the top of the site and immediately after it. Not sure why did they do it but it’s enough to have the top-level menu showing once. They have 3, one is the Disney SG with the blue arrow and the other two menus.
  2. Broken advertisement link showing as ADVERTISEMENT in between the two menus due to ad blocker. They could just not shown it if they detect ad blockers.
  3. Inconsistent background, I’m not sure why but beyond the page as seen in the screenshot it turns to white all the way till the end, giving a feel of lazy design.
  4. And never do the below to your visitors, the text “Imagicademy, Games, Stories & Puzzles” disappear in the chaotic background. A bolder font would have helped.


It’s not all bad, the good list:

  1. Although there’s duplicate menus, all the menus’ links are working fine and no broken links.
  2. The content for each page is suited for the intended audience.
  3. Interactive elements are all functioning.
  4. Pages are safe from malware.
  5. Call to actions are obvious.

That’s all for the first review of site. Are there others you wish to find out or even get your site reviewed? Leave your comment below!

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