Website vs Social media – 4 reasons why websites are more important than social media

I’ve noticed a lot of small businesses creating Facebook pages and not websites in the belief that will be enough. Sadly to say, depending on your business, Facebook or even social media may not be the right medium.

The right medium is still your website, and reviews online and in 4 reasons below, I hope to convince you.

Usage of Social media

Think of what you do on social media. You go on it to post something that happened or to share something interesting. You don’t go on social media to find something, you use google to do so.

Social media, is and should be primary used as a way to interact and provide customer service instead of trying to sell things on it.


24/7 Customer service

For websites, instead of people waiting for you to reply to their queries, you can put information such as what you do, how you do it, prices, and questions that people always ask on your site to let them get it whenever they want. In social media, people’s expectation is that you respond quickly and immediately. So unless you have the staff to do so, it is better to have an informative site.

Effective Marketing

While social media has a large number of audience such as Facebook has 1.44 billion users, the largest population is still the internet itself with 3.17 billion users. Besides being buried in social media, search results generally do not favor social media pages until they get really popular. So use it as a compliment to your site and not a replacement.


It’s a given now that unless you have a website to point people to, you are not a serious business anymore. Look at the popular or successful business. You noticed they have another site or a proper “shop” on another site that does selling instead of on Facebook.


At the end of the day, whatever you have on social media does not belong to you. It belongs to the social media company. If one day, you somehow violate a rule of theirs and your page or group gets banned, it’s all gone. Your site will always be there and you own it.

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