4 steps for keyword research


Here’s a short 4 steps for keyword research. As always if you need further help you can drop me a message on my Facebook page.

1.  Get your keyword from your audience

While you can think of keywords to use for your site, you should be listening to what your audience is looking for.
Where can you listen to your audience? One of the best ways to find out how they are asking questions is to check out related blogs, threads on forums etc and just read how your audience is asking questions. What do they struggle with? What do they want? Make some notes as you go.

2. Don’t over-think it

There is no “right” or “wrong” here. Just note down any keywords you think of or find to start with. Don’t worry about whether or not you’ve got a perfect list, or you’ll never get anywhere. Something is always better than nothing, so just give it a go!

3. Use tools to help refine your list

I would always recommend using Google Keyword Planner or you can try out Bing Webmaster tools as well.

Both are great keyword research tool and should be part of your arsenal in finding out what your audience is looking for. Use what you’ve gathered in step 1 and refine them using one of the tools above or to be hardcore use both!

Note: If you’re researching keywords for SEO in the Google Keyword Planner, just select “Google” rather than “Google and search partners.” Because that’s the traffic you’ll be targeting with the keywords in your content.

If you’re doing research because you want to do paid advertising, then consider looking at “Google and partners”.

4) Try some keywords and see how it goes

By now you should have your top keywords you can start using to create content for your site.

When your content is up and running, then you can start to evaluate which keywords or topics are most successful for you.

You’ll market your content and your website, and then monitor the traffic (with a tool like Google Analytics) to see which pages people stay on most, or where the traffic likes to go. You can then work on developing new keywords that target your strengths.

Hope that helps! You can get my book on keyword research by messaging me on Facebook.

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