Steps to republish your Content

Republishing your content is one way to spread your content on the internet. It’s not spamming when you are sharing your original content with bigger publishers. But note to edit your content slightly for each site that you send to keep its originality up. Let’s get into this in 4 easy steps!

Step 1: Finding the right publisher

Look for sites that publish regularly in the niche you are working to break into or you can aim for general sites such as Weblogs or Huffington Post.

If you have WordPress, you can get a slight head start by checking under Settings – > Writing -> Update services. Put in the sites to ping and you’ll be on your way.

If not the usual way is to visit each site to find where you can find the “contribute”, “write for us” or “guest posting” guidelines page. If you can’t find that page, use Google to find “inurl: “keywords”” to pull up results.

Step 2: Write your content to suit the publisher

Remember at the start I mentioned that we should not be just duplicating our content? For each site, you’ll need to edit your content to match the format that each site usually use. Also do a bit of research on each site to see if you have the kind of content to publish to them.

The absolute worst thing you can do is to publish something that’s not relevant to their audience, like how to grow hair to a gardening website.

Step 3: Sell yourself

Ok, it’s not that bad as the header suggest. It’s about selling your pitch to the sites on why they should publish your content. After completing the first two steps, you’ll now need to focus on writing your pitch. Here’s a template to get you started.

Subject: [Something eye-catching]

“Hi [Editor name],

I recently wrote an article about [ABC topic] which my audience has enjoyed. I think [publication name’s] audience would love the article as well, because [2 or 3 reasons why?].

I’ve included a snippet of the article in the this email and if you’d like to check the original article out here is the [link]: 

If you enjoy the article and think it would be a good fit, I would love to have it republished on [publication name].

[Your name]”

So where do you send this to? You can submit it to their generic pitch email and to a specific editor that you can find on their contact us page or about us. I would advise to send to both editor and the generic pitch email.

Step 4: Accepted, what’s next?

If you get accepted, that’s great news and my congratulations! Here’s a few things to do before you send to the editors to be published.

  • Check your links Usually, we have internal links within our content that refer back to other pieces of content. Most of the time when you republish your content those links will remain the same. Do NOT spam or go overboard with links.

  • Finalised your changes: I mentioned earlier in order for you to not get smacked by search engines for spamming content you should edit your content and also to do any last tweaks to fit the style of the site you are sending it to.

  • Follow the contributor guidelines: Make sure to follow the contributor guidelines, even if that means changing core points in your original piece. Even if you are accepted, you will be rejected if you did not changed it to match their guidelines.

Hope this helps! P.S Bonus I’ll send you a curated list of publishers that does republishing. Just go to my facebook page and like it to message me!

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