5 tips for Email subject title


Sending out emails to potential clients? Here are 5 tips for email subject title to grab their attention!

1. Keep it short

Because sometimes being too long is a flaw. A usual email inbox nowadays display up to 60 characters on desktop and about 25 characters for mobile. As you can see below, ZDNet title is too long and it got cut off. While Paypal’s title is lengthy, it still manages to avoid being cut off. But while both length needs to be shortened, they got one thing right which I will discuss next.


2. Get to the Point

As mentioned while their length needs to be shortened, they presented their most important information first! Paypal’s email states what this email response is about and ZDNet stated their News highlight for the day. In the last tip below, I’ll show you what a great subject title should be.

3. Avoid looking like spam

Take a look at your email junk box. Avoid their methods such as USING CAPS!!!!, expletives or even trigger words (mentioned on Hubspot) that will likely banish your email to the black hole called spam folder by the spam filters in use nowadays. Even the content is scruntised and take note that there are laws in place for punishment of spams in various countries.

4. Straightforward Subject titles

In this world of information overload, people do not have time to waste reading cryptic teasers. Subject headers should clearly state what the user should expect to see when they open their email.

Straight forward subject title

5. Clear Call to Action

Your subject line should be written in the active voice in order to tell the reader what you want them to do when they read the email. Such as this email from Udemy, it’s short, simple and clear call to action is a very good example of an email subject title.


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