50 Ways to get more traffic to your site Part 3

Hi all, sharing part 3 of my 50 ways to get more traffic to your site. Today will be covering email, PR and in person methods. Hope you’ve been enjoying the series. Your feedback is welcome!


So what how can you promote through email? Here are a few methods.

Email Signature

Set your link to your site as part of your signature or a call to action in your signature.

Auto responder

Auto responder is helpful to keep your visitor engaged. In the email you can state some addition links or bonus for people to check out when they sign up for content.


PR is about public relations and in this section we’ll be going into PR methods.

Alert Blogs/publications

If you have a new product or feature that certain blogs or publications would want to tell their readers about, you can always send them a email that briefly describes the products/features and how it will benefit their readers.


This is something new for me as well. You can sign up to get a daily digest on what are articles needed and you can submit your pitch to the reporters that submitted the requirements and wait to be contacted by the reporters.

In person

In person means marketing yourself and via the offline methods. So here’s a few methods.

Business cards

You can get business cards that has a QR code so people can simply point their phones at it to reach your site or simply print your site link on the card as well.


Have a booth at conference or events? Remember to display not just your details about your business but also links to your website.

Host work shops

Hosting a work shop by yourself or with other experts gives you a chance to expose yourself and build a following.

Hope this helps!






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