50 Ways to get more traffic to your site

Hope this checklist of how to get more traffic to your site helps! It’s a huge article, as such I’m breaking it into 5 parts to make it easier to read. Here’s part 1!

Get more traffic via Social Media

I wrote last year that social media will only grow stronger in 2016, so I’m starting this checklist with social media as well.

1. Answer questions on Quora

I get about 30% to 40% of my traffic from Quora by answering questions and linking back to articles that I’ve written that are relevant to the questions asked. This helps to drive traffic back to your site. Don’t answer with a just a link back to your site though, that gets you banned and the answer will be removed immediately.


2. Facebook page

You can never forget about the number 1 social media site. Create a page and drive traffic to your site from there.

3. Twitter

Besides using Twitter to tweet your posts and news, remember to add your site link to your profile!

4. Instagram

Similarly to Twitter, post your site link at your profile. Which is the only place you can place a URL.

5. Pinterest

Another great site to use to share content that you can pin though.

6. Pod Cast your way to success

Pod Cast is one way to promote your site. Either by appearing on one or to start one and invite people to interview.

7. Periscope/Meerkat

Near the end of 2015, people went nuts over Periscope which you can read more about it here. In 2016, with Facebook getting into the same action as well, you can see that there’s potential here to connect even better with your fans and get more eyeballs as well.

8. YouTube

Can’t talk about online media without talking about YouTube. Post a  videos of walk-throughs on how to do something your audience is interested in, or of you working on your business, or showcasing new products.

9. Do content exchange

You can guest blog with another site of similar audience or post each other’s content with the link to each other’s site on social media, Work together to share content and both of you may gain more eyeballs.

10. Sharing buttons

Never forget to have the sharing button out on your site. I still see some sites that have great content without the sharing button. With the current environment, it’s almost tantamount to suicide.

Hope this check list helps!

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