Auto blogging tools, Yes or No

I’m sure all of us have heard of auto blogging tools. CC, WProbot are a few in the market. But is there a situation that you should use them? The answer is yes and no.

And oh, in case you are wondering, no, this is me sitting in front of the laptop writing this article.

Why auto blogging tools is a no no.

  1. The obvious answer is with Google’s famous beasts roaming the internet and slaying bad content, auto blogging tools are not able to hide away anymore and this was back in a 2011 post by Google’s Search Engine Engineer Matt Curtis.
  2. Auto blogging is crappy SEO. In the same post that I referenced in point 1, search engines will remove sites that either copy others’ content or sites with low or little original content. This is a natural response to people’s need. They want original content and high quality information. Search engines to survive or even dominate a market, they must be able to see the difference between content duplicated by auto blogging tools/people and content written by hand.
  3. When people realise that your content is not your own, you lose any reputation or branding that you’ve created and this is if you do manage to sneak under the radar long enough.
  4. Auto blogging tools are automated thieves. Most tools do an As It Is posting method, which results in loading the images (if any) from the site that it drew content from.

When auto blogging may be a Yes

After my points above, you might be surprised why there might be situation that you may want to use auto blogging tools.

So is there? Surprisingly yes, in a way. You can use it as a semi auto tool where it grabs information on keywords that you are interested in and writing on and generally using it as part of the research content that you will combine from multiple sites.

It’s the same as doing research before writing anything and giving the credit when needed when you quote word for word.

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