When to use Boosted Posts on Facebook

So what are Boosted Posts?

Boosted Posts are posts from your timeline that targets people who are more likely to click Like, comment or share your post, in short boosting the views of your post. This is means the posts for mainly for page post engagement and for growing your fans that will result in more organic views.

What happens is that if the posts is liked by a person, they will not see future posts from you unless they are a fan and you’ve just wasted money getting that one-off like.

So why use Boosted posts?

Boosted posts exists for a reason, Facebook won’t be having it there if it does nothing. Boosted posts as explained earlier is for page post engagement. Which means it is

1. A good tool to re-engage with your current fans.

2. If there’s a particular product that you wish to push out, as the post will be shown to people who are more likely to be interested, there is a higher chance of conversion.

When not to use Boosted Posts.

There are a few scenarios where you shouldn’t be using Boosted Posts.

1. If your intent is to grow your fan base, you should stick to using ad manager instead. That allows you to target more finely an audience that will be more likely to like your page rather than a single post.

2. If you are aiming to drive in-store traffic. You can consider using Facebook Offer Claims.

3. Marketing an event? Try using Facebook’s Event Responses for events marketing ads.

Hope this short article on Sunday helps to clarify the purpose of boosted posts.

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