5 Amazing ways to target Your Facebook Audience

In today’s article I’ll be sharing five ways to maximise the potential of your Facebook ads and ensure that you are reaching a very specified group that you are interested in.

1: Creating audience based on visitors to your site

To do this you’ll need to have Facebook pixel installed on your site and let it run for a period of time. Depending on the traffic you have about a month should be good enough for most. Under the Tools section in your Facebook Ads Manager, select Audience and create Custom Audience. Based on what you need, you can customise the audience based on what did they did while on your site.


2. Creating a lookalike Audience

If you have a group of people that has converted, you can use that to create a lookalike list of audience where their profiles matches the people that has already converted. Similarly go to the Tools section in your Facebook Ads Manager, select Audience but this time select lookalike Audience instead. For creating a lookalike Audience, you can choose from your Facebook page, pixel or a previously created Audience.

3. Specific criteria Targeting

Back in 2013, Facebook clarified in a note that they work with third-party partners such as Acxiom, Datalogix and Epsilon to tap into more targeting options with Facebook users by matching anonymously all the data that they have gathered. With this hoard of information, you can target by income, interest, education level, marital status etc. Depending on the intent of your ads, targeting a very specific group of users may be detrimental to your efforts. Keep in mind while Facebook shows you the size of the audience, you would not know how active they are on Facebook.

4. Location Based targeting

The first way is to use a local awareness ad, which is available in the Facebook Ads Manager.
You can specifically target people who are in your area that you are targeting, just in the area or even just travelling to where your address is.


5. Prime Time advertising

Do you know when it is most likely that your audience is online? Are they 9 to 5 workers and only free to browse Facebook at night or when they are travelling to work? If you do, you can specify which hours of the day your ads run. Time zone differences are taken care automatically by Facebook.


Hope this helps! I welcome any questions that you may have or if you have tried any of the methods below, do share your experience in the comments below!

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