Top 7 website Design trends

Lots of web sites are becoming more and more like an app that you have installed on your phone. This is no fault of theirs but simply adapting to the usage pattern of the mobile app generation and making it as intuitive as possible for them. After all, designing a website for users means making the website as recognisable and intuitive for them.

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In this article, let’s dive into the top 7 design websites have adopted in order to mimic mobile apps.

  1. Hamburger menu: Click on any app and chances are you’ll see this familiar logo that hides options. While the traditional menu is widely use, the advantage is that the Hamburger menu allows sites to make full use of their front-page estate without alienating users.
  1. Typography: Some of you reading this maybe too young to remember the old days where the fonts for websites were all basically Arial fonts as no one would take comic sans seriously. With free fonts from Google, you can get the best fit for your site.


  1. Background animation: Remember the days where your background could only be static. With better bandwidth and effective compression available, it is now a viable option to give your site more engaging, you can check out as an excellent example. However, the caveat is that it should not distract users or annoy them by making it hard to see the actual site content due to the blending of similar colour of your site and the video.
  1. Ghost buttons: One of my personal favorite to see on a site. They do not distract your visitors from absorbing the information they want from your site but immediately recognisable as a button when they wish to go to another page on your site.
  1. Semi-Flat Design: A design style that evolved from the original International/Swiss style that came from Europe/Russia in 1920’s but made famous by Swiss designers, it bought websites to a whole new level of usability by creative use of shading, white space and dynamic colours. The goal is to engage your audience by only emphasizing the necessary, the information that they want to see and remove the others.
  1. Contrasting CTA buttons: Ever had to search a page for the button that lets you submit, sign up for freebies etc and got frustrated because it’s not obvious? All of us have had the same issue before, and it’s such a good thing that most sites are finally realising what they have been doing neglecting and focusing their attention on making the CTA buttons more “you must be blind to miss it” kind of button.
  1. Hover Animation: Not to be confused with the annoying Hover menus with their infamous Hover tunnels. This is another personal favorite and it really makes good use of human psychology. When people are unsure, they tend to move their mouse cursor over the object or image to find out more and you can make use of this habit to provide instant feedback on your site without cluttering your page with too much stuff but instead hide it behind elements that flow well overall with your site.

I hope this helps to encourage you to make your site into a more pleasant for your users. You can visit 199design to enlist their help to find out more ways to design your page as well.

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