3 Great tools for Professional Periscoping

I’m sorry to say that this isn’t really a tech post on tools for Periscope but on what equipment helps to make your live broadcast look like a Professional show.

My focus will be based on the phrase Lights, Camera, Action!

1. Lights! Ever watch a stream that the speaker is a little too dark or one where camera keeps adjusting the brightness and causes flickering? Having a good light to help your viewers see you better and remove the annoying flickering of the screen due to your camera auto adjusting is one way to make the session more enjoyable. If the lights you have at home are not white light or not bright enough, you can consider buying Diva Light or Neewer.

2. Camera! While we can’t do anything about the build in camera (short of buying a new phone), you can make it better by not holding it in your hand. Keep it hands free and use a tripod to hold it steady. A selfie stick do not count as a tripod.

A good tripod should be able to hold your device of choice in both landscape and portrait mode.

3. Action! Before you start your scope up till waiting for all of your audience arrives, other than using the default image to greet them, you can consider using an image or a sign or picture that relates to the topic or even a writing board that shows the highlights of the broadcast that you’ll be doing!

This helps to keep the audience engaged and that they know the scope is live rather than left wondering if it is happening. For images, you can consider using my favorite Canva.com for creating free images.

Hope this helps in your journey of Scoping!


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