Periscope, what it is and how you can use it

In case you’ve not heard of Periscope or think that it is a tool that is found in a submarine, the Periscope I’m about to write about is a live video broadcast system that was bought over by Twitter before it was even launched and it has now taken the online marketing world by storm. Periscope intention was to allow users to see the world through others but with a slight twist you can make it into your very own advertising or fan channel.

How it works is that you can instantly have your own live broadcast and make it available for public to access anywhere, anytime. While the videos on the broadcast will be deleted after 24 hours after the broadcast has ended, the video that you made are made available to you to upload to other places if you wish to let your viewers to still have access to it.

Why I feel it has taken the world by storm is the fact that it allows individuals or small business that’s trying to reach out to public to make a live pitch without having to spend tons of money on making a video advertisements.

Here are 3 great ways to make use of Periscope.

  1. Creating awareness and community. By following people (your fans or major influencers) as well as getting active on their broadcast on Periscope by taking part in their broadcast enables others to see your broadcast. You can be creative and create a unique hashtag to building a community for yourself.

2. If you are a “how-to” website, this is something that you should try out. If a picture can speak a thousand words, how many words does a video speaks? Lots of things are easier to explain by a video instead of a blog post and after you are done broadcasting, you can upload to your own channel in YouTube to allow more people to discover it.

3. A new way of doing a podcast. Live commenting is an option for Periscope and you can use it to do a ask me anything session or other broadcast that encourages Questions and answers to engage your audience.

Originally i intended to do just this article on Periscope, but now after researching on it, I’ve decided to go in-depth into how you how to make full use of Periscope and also recommend some products that you can try to learn and master Periscope for you or your business. Stay tune for the coming week!

P.S, if you can’t wait, you can check out this excellent resource to learn how to master Periscope for your own business.

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