Apps, the new website killer

Smartphones are everywhere, they’ve bought the internet to wherever the public is at and apps are rapidly becoming the new way to court your customers. Here are 3 reasons why your business needs an app.

1. Apps on a smart phone is rapidly becoming the preferred location for finding what they want based on the latest survey by Forrester Consulting.


2. Apps can give your users a better engagement over a mobile site. This doesn’t mean you can abandon your website, but it means you can build a better experience for those that have your apps installed and build a better perception of your brand. By allowing personalized notifications or updates for only what your customers prefer are the tip of the iceberg of what you can do with an app to build better engagement with them.

3. A growing mobile audience as mentioned in my past post and taken in context together with point 1 where more and more users choose to rely on their mobile devices, it will become the new tool for browsing and purchasing products and services online. To reach this audience, you need to have a mobile app.

This is the 1st part of this weekend content where I’ll focus on app making for your business. Stay tune for this Saturday and Sunday’s post!

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