A 77 billion dollar market is waiting for you

Let me first tell you where this 77 billion dollar market is. It is right in your hands, or your pocket or right next to you when you’re sleeping or watching your favourite shows. It is in your smart phone.

In 2016, it is estimated that there will be 10 billion smartphones and 46% of people reported that they have paid for an application. By 2017, it is estimated there will be 268 billion downloads which will translate into 77 billion dollars in revenue. (information from Gartner).

Now for the money making part. You can choose to be

A. A professional app developer earning an average salary is USD$100,000 on average in the USA.

B. Hire an agency to create the app for you. I was in discussion for creating an app earlier this year and the average quote that I got was about SGD$80,000.

C. Or you can be like me! I’m a tech person but hate coding. So naturally I find an easy way out and make apps without having to deal with coding and found Zapable Evolution which removes the need to code but yet still make awesome apps.

Why I Choose Them?
1. Full drag and drop interface to build your app. No coding required.

2. Easily customize the layout and configuration of app to what you want.

3. Great E-commerce features such as a built-in list builder to collect opt-ins, tie-in your affiliate links with videos, keyword and in-app purchases.

4. Unlike other app maker online, they provide access to their zapable academy which provides you with videos and ebooks to use their features and tutorials on marketing your app. ($1000 Value)

5. Best of all, if you don’t like it, you can get a refund within 30 days of signing it up. I’m trying them out so far and it doesn’t look like I’ll be asking for the refund. I already have a few apps in my mind and testing them out now.

I’ve tried other app makers as well, but they just sell you a tool without a community that’s as great as the one they have right now.

What’s more, when you sign up now, you’ll get the following bonuses and full guaranteed refund

1. Full Access to Zapable Cloud Based App Builder with over 30 Features. ($10,997 value)

2. Access to The “Member Only” Private Forum. Over 4000 members and 3865 posts. Share and collaborate with like-minded  members ($1497 Value)

3. Zapable Monthly Contests – They give cash prizes with LIVE leaderboards for most apps generated., most sales made etc and many more. ($1000 value)

Hope this helps to bring your app ideas to life and claim part of the 77 billion dollar market.

* Disclaimer, there’s no guarantee of profit when using this app maker. While it helps to create your app, it is still up to you as the creator to market it and sell it to your target market.
This is a not a paid review. Meaning that I’m trying it out right now on my own money.


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