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Hi all, here’s part 3 of my search engines web master tools. It ate into Monday as i didn’t want to cram all 3 posts about Search engine tools into the weekend. As usual hope this helps!

Top 5 features in Bing/Yahoo Webmaster tools.

1. Crawl Control Settings

Bing allows you to create a customized crawling pattern with the Crawl Control feature so that they do not weigh your website down as it pulls information from your website.

While by default Bing will create automatically a best rate it determines for your site, you can choose from a list of presets or create your own custom crawl rate based on when your site traffic is lightest. But if you are affected by the crawl rate during normal, it may be time to review your web hosting.

Crawler timing control

Though if you are a popular site and plan to run a promotion that you expect high traffic, it is best to lower the crawl rate to get the most out of your bandwidth from your web host. Even large companies sites dies under load.

2. Deep Links

Bing has a feature similar to Google’s sitelinks, known as Deep Links. These are the links that appear beneath your search results that links directly to various landing pages within the site.

Similar to Google, while you don’t have the ability to add Deep Links as they are auto generated by their algorithem, you can block specific URLs from being shown as Deep Linked to push the links that you want to be shown. Slightly different here is that they allow you to outright delete the links whereas Google allow only demotion.

3. Disvow links

While it doesn’t significatly affect your ranking on Bing, to distance yourself from spammy or bad links, site owners can use the Disavow feature to notify Bing about any untrustworthy links pointing to their websites to tell Bing that you’d like to distance yourself from inbound links from these sources.

4. App Linking

If your brand has an app for Windows 8.1 or Windows phones, Bing makes it rather easy for you to link your app to the website and a link to install will appear when people search for your site if they do not have it installed. For Google though, it will be through your app indexing API (for andriod phones) and apple-app-site-association file for IOS (as of this writing it is valid for IOS9).

5. Using SEO Reports & Data

Bing provides comprehensive reports and data to analyze the effectiveness of your site on the search engine. The Reports & Data tab shows SEO reports and other reports such as site activity, page traffic, search keywords, and crawl information all in one clean dashboard. All of it is can be downloaded as well.

With the SEO reports, Bing provides recommendations to allow your site to abide by SEO best practices. You can click on a specific SEO suggestion to view an explanation of the error and how to solve it and which pages that aren’t compliant.

SEO suggestions


In Summary, Bing/Yahoo while not being the most popular search engines has plenty of tools to help you as a website owner maintan and tweak your site to be more searchable.

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