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As promised follow-up content on what i find is the top 5 tools that’s provided by Google for Webmasters to get more traffic. In this post I assume that you have an account with Google webmasters Search Console and if not, you can do so to get some free statistics for your site.

1. Optimise Existing Posts to Increase Traffic
Google shows you the keywords that are used to find your website and the position in the search results. You can review popular search terms and work it into your content. This can be found in the traffic section under search queries.

So there are a few things you can do to increase traffic:
a). Linking to your content using the keywords that is right for your content.

b). Change the title. The words at the start of a title are more important than the words at the end. So for this post it was changed from Top 5 features of Google Webmaster Tools to Google Webmaster Tools Top 5 features.

c). Get links back to this post. Getting links back from external (high-profile) websites that have these keywords in the link, but be careful of getting smacked by Google if you do it excessively. Make sure your links makes sense to wherever you are linking from.

2. Tidy up your sitelinks
Google automatically create sitelinks on their search results but within webmaster tools you have some control over them. You can demote up to 100 different links should help point out the better links and you’ll get more clicks.

3. Resolve any HTML Errors
Google reports on some HTML errors that will affect the indexing of your site. Take some time to resolve the errors they highlighted and it will help you get more traffic and reduce chances of annoying your visitors by giving them a link that doesn’t work.

4. Implement Geographic Targeting
If your site is like mine which has a generic top-level domain (.com). You can choose to inform Google what is your main country that you want to target in webmaster tools to improve the ranking based on the country you’ve selected. Additionally, having your site hosted on a server in the country you are targeting helps as well.

5. Remove Bad Links
Google has a disavow tool to alert you to links that are against their guidelines. Google alerts you to it once you log on to your webmaster tools. remove bad links to the page. The alert should look something like this “We have detected that some of the links pointing to your site are using techniques outside of Google Webmaster guidelines”.

If Google has notified you that you have some unnatural links you need to consider removing them using the disavow tool or risk having your ranking affected. What is unnatural links? That would be another post for another day.

In all, Google provides lots of valuable information in their tools which helps to drive additional traffic to your website so it’s well worth spending the time doing it.

Has this post been useful to you? I’d love to hear your feedback to help me improve on my content for you.

*Updated Webmasters to Search console as pointed out by a reader in Facebook. Interestingly Google link is still webmasters/tools

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