Number 1 myth website owners should not fall for

Good morning! As promised my special weekend content on submitting your site to search engine and not get tricked by Number 1 trick used to scam website owners. Tomorrow and the day after, I’ll be introducing the top features of Google and Yahoo/Bing webmaster tools.

So now you have a new site, how do people find you? There are a variety of ways but I’ll be focusing on submitting it to the search engines.

So which search engines to submit? If you are in China or Russia, Baidu and Yandex are dominant in their respective countries but as I’m writing this for a universal audience, I’ll focus on Google, Yahoo/Bing.

For all 3 search engines, you must have sign up a webmaster account with them. If you already have an email accounts with them, you’re ready to start, if not, you can simply sign up a free account with them.

Google: There are two main ways. You can add via their URL submit or via their WebMaster tools. I would advise using the webmaster tools as it gets your site verified immediately as their verification process requires you to modify your site in a few ways and allows you to make use of their tools to monitor how well your site is working. URL submit takes longer and only submits to their index.

Yahoo/Bing: They used to be separated entities but all the better for us now to submit to two search engines using one webmaster tool.

Their verification process is slightly different from Google in that they ask for your site map when you start the process to register a site under you whereas for Google, it is listed as an option after you’ve submitted your site. If you don’t have it, it’s fine to leave it blank and you can still submit when you want.

Their verification methods and tools are similar to Google and can be used to monitor how well your site is working.

The entire process of submitting and registering with all 3 sites will not take you more than 5 mins following their guided process and your site will appear immediately on their index. However if you are looking for ranking in the top 10, that’s another topic that will take a few days to cover.

A picture speaks a thousand words, the screenshots below showing the payment they are asking for and the time they state for your site to appear is why I call it a trick to scam people. Stay alert, stay safe! 

scam targeting webmasters scam2 targeting webmasters


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