4 Best Opt-in to build your email list!

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Q: Any recommendations for opt-in systems?

A: There are tons of options in the market, here are a quick introduction to the 4 best options that I’ve found.

They all offer quite similar functions such as A/B testing, easy to custom themes with a few differences on how they present the optin forms to your visitors.

1. Optinmonster offers a ton of customization and choices of how your opt-in form will appear. You can have it pop-up, a footer bar or a sidebar widget, and an after post widget.

My personal favorite is their Exit Intent technology which only appears when visitors are about to leave your website.

2. Elegant Themes Bloom is quite similar to optinmonster and while they lack the Exit Intent technology, they have a feature that blocks access to contents unless visitors optin by entering their email address.

This can be good and bad, people expect their access to the information they want freely and being blocked is one way to annoy them but on the other hand if what you are offering is a content that they are very keen on, it is a nice way to build up your lists. Hence this feature depends on the nature of your site to be either good or bad.

3. SumoMe is a freemium type of software. You get access to basic offerings for free but if you want to use features only available in the pro version such as A/B testing and tracking functions, you’ll need to upgrade.
I like that they have a smart mode similar to Optinmonster’s exit intent and they are one of few systems that claims to have a mobile friendly pop ups. That’s a big plus, given that up to 28% of traffic comes from mobile devices.

4. Optin Forms, best perk is that it is completely free. But as it is free, you can’t expect many opt-in form types and options that some of the other plugins offer. While their forms are simple and flexible and you can still fully customize to match the style of your site.
You can let Optin Forms automatically add the optin form to pages or posts and choose for the form to appear after the first paragraph, after the second paragraph, or at the end of the content.

Hope this helps!

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