5 reasons why small businesses should have websites.

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Q: Can web hosting change my business?

A: It is now 2015, 20 years since the birth of the internet. How people discover and get their impression of your business is no longer getting there physically or having the physical product.
It is now all about your website, and reviews online. It has leveled the playing field and has made many small business achieve success with greater ease than before.

1. Reach and visibility: One example would be for a trip overseas, if I want to do an adventure sports such as ice climbing in Norway half way across the world from me. First thing I do is google and from there find a site that list the services they do and if I like what I see, I email them and book my slot even before reaching there.

2. Credibility: It’s a given now that unless you have a website to point people to, you are not a serious business anymore.

3. Free advertisements: Remember the old word-of-mouth advertising? Now it’s what I call click-to-share advertising where people share your business on social media platforms to let their friends know about their awesome time,meal or activities that they had with you.

4. 24/7 Customer service: Instead of people waiting for you to reply to their queries, you can put information such as what you do, how you do it, prices, and questions that people always ask on your site to let them get it whenever they want.

5. Effective Marketing: Traditional paper media still has its reason to exist but even more pervasive is the mobile phones, tablet, phablets and so on. They bring the internet to wherever there are hands to hold them, which means an even larger amount of time where potentially, people will get to see your site and find out about you.

And here I’ll plug for the 3 web host that I find are great deals for people looking to host their websites. Siteground which I am using now, Inmotion and HostGator, both of which I had previously used before closing my old sites.

*UPDATE! Siteground will be having their black friday promotion this friday. Wait till then to sign up with them t enjoy up to 70% savings on plans!

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